Best Vacuums For Laminate Floors

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Best Vacauum For Laminate Floors - Tineco Floor ONE S7 PRODyson V11 Cordless Vacuum For Laminate FloorsBudget Friendly Kenmore BU3040
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As an engineer and seasoned vacuum tester, I’ve rigorously evaluated a myriad of models to identify the best vacuums for laminate floors. Laminate flooring, with its unique composition, demands a delicate balance of power and care. With countless hours spent in testing, I’ve distilled the market’s vast options to bring you the top performers that ensure your laminate remains pristine and damage-free, combining technical expertise with practical efficiency.

best vacuums for laminate floor
best vacuums for laminate floor

Is It Ok To Vacuum Laminate Floor?

Yes, it is okay to vacuum laminate floors. Vacuuming can effectively remove dirt, dust, and other debris, helping to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of the laminate. However, when vacuuming laminate, it’s important to use a vacuum without a brush roll or to turn off the brush roll feature, as spinning brushes can potentially scratch the laminate surface. It’s best to use vacuums specifically designed for laminate floors or those with adjustable settings for different floor types.

Factors To Consider For Laminate Floor Vacuums

While you are into buying a vacuum for laminate floors, you should not forget to consider following factors:

1. Type of Vacuum

  • Upright: Traditional and powerful, but ensure they have settings or features safe for laminate.
  • Canister: Typically more versatile with powerful suction and gentler on floors.
  • Stick: Lightweight and convenient, often cordless, ideal for quick cleanups.
  • Robot: Automated cleaning, some models excel on hard flooring like laminate.

2. Brush Roll ON/OFF Feature

Laminate floors can be sensitive to scratching, making the brush roll feature of your vacuum a vital consideration. The best vacuums for these floors offer an option to deactivate the brush roll. This is essential because spinning brushes, if not designed for laminate floors, can inadvertently scratch the laminate or simply push dirt and debris around instead of picking it up. However, there are vacuums that feature a soft brush roll, which gently lift dirt without causing any damage. When shopping, ensure the vacuum either has a soft brush roll or an ON/OFF feature to safeguard your floor.

3. Adjustable Suction

Laminate floors don’t demand the hefty suction power required by carpets. Consequently, a vacuum that features adjustable suction levels is a prime choice. With this feature, users can modulate the suction force, ensuring it’s not so forceful that it could potentially damage the floor or ineffectively push dirt instead of absorbing it. This gives you the flexibility to customize your cleaning session based on the specific needs of your laminate flooring.

4. Weight & Maneuverability

When it comes to laminate floors, the weight of the vacuum can play a significant role. A lighter model is often more desirable as it decreases the potential risk of marking or scratching the floor when maneuvering. Additionally, a vacuum equipped with swivel steering provides superior ease in navigating around furniture and other obstacles. This makes your cleaning task not only efficient but also ensures the safety of your laminate surface.

5. Filtration

Clean air is as crucial as a clean floor, especially for those prone to allergies or respiratory sensitivities. In this regard, vacuums equipped with HEPA filters are a worthy investment. These filters are designed to capture the majority of dust, allergens, and microscopic particles, ensuring a cleaner and healthier indoor environment. If air quality is a priority for you, a vacuum with a reliable filtration system should be high on your list.

6. Corded vs. Cordless

The debate between corded and cordless vacuums is mainly about convenience versus power. Cordless models excel in providing a hassle-free experience, especially for quick clean-ups or in smaller spaces, without the limitation of a cord. However, always check the battery lifespan and the overall power it delivers. On the flip side, corded variants guarantee a consistent power supply, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning sessions. The trade-off might be the limited mobility due to the cord’s length and the need to switch outlets.

7. Edge Cleaning

Accumulated dirt around the edges of rooms or near baseboards can be an eyesore. Hence, a vacuum with superior edge cleaning capabilities stands out. This ensures that dirt and dust don’t build up in these hard-to-reach spots, guaranteeing a uniformly clean floor.

8. Soft Wheels

The wheels of a vacuum often go unnoticed, yet they’re constantly in contact with your floor. For laminate flooring, rubberized or padded wheels are a blessing. They ensure smooth movement across the floor, drastically reducing the likelihood of scratches or scuffs.

Our Top Picks For The Best Vacuums For Laminate Floors 🏡

The wait is over, here are the best vacuum cleaner for laminate floors which we have shortlisted for you after our research and testing:

1. Best Overall: Tineco Floor ONE S7 PRO

In the fast-evolving world of home appliances, staying updated with the latest technology and user requirements is crucial. When it comes to maintaining the beauty and longevity of laminate floors, the Tineco Floor ONE S7 PRO emerges as the top contender for the best vacuum for laminate floors in 2024.

This smart cordless cleaner is not just a regular vacuum; it encapsulates the essence of modern-day cleaning. With its cordless design, it offers unrivaled flexibility, ensuring every nook and cranny of your home is accessible. The ‘smart’ in its name isn’t just a gimmick. Integrated sensors adjust suction and water flow in real-time, optimizing performance based on the dirt level and type of debris encountered. This ensures that your laminate floors are not just cleaned, but also protected from potential water damage or abrasions.

The machine not only vacuums dirt and debris from your laminate floors but also washes and dries them. This dual functionality means you can save time by performing two cleaning tasks at once. Its display provides real-time performance updates, including power level, water flow, and machine alerts. This ensures you’re always in the know about the machine’s status.


  • Cordless design
  • Smart technology
  • Dual-function cleaning
  • Integrated digital display
  • Self-cleaning mode


  • Might be more expensive than some other vacuums.

2. Runner-Up: Dyson V11 For Laminate Floors

Discover the Dyson V11, where cutting-edge cordless cleaning technology meets sleek design. It effortlessly marries the convenience of cordless vacuuming with unparalleled cleaning performance. It’s not just a household tool but an embodiment of a modern, efficient, and healthier cleaning experience.

One of its standout features is the adaptive suction with a High Torque Cleaner Head. This intelligent head identifies the type of floor, whether it’s carpet or laminated surface, and adjusts the suction power to ensure an optimal clean without unnecessary battery drainage. Its intuitive screen offers instant updates on performance metrics, such as battery life, filter maintenance reminders, and blockage reports.

Its high-capacity battery promises up to 60 minutes of fade-free cleaning on the Eco mode, ensuring you can cover expansive areas without the fear of running out of power. And when it’s time to empty the dirt, the V11’s hygienic point-and-shoot mechanism ensures a mess-free disposal, directly into the trash. In the Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, intelligent design seamlessly meets top-tier performance.


  • High torque cleaner head adapts to different floor types automatically.
  • LCD display provides performance analytics and maintenance alerts.
  • Advanced filtration captures 99.97% of microscopic particles.
  • Up to 60 minutes of powerful floor cleaning.
  • Point-and-shoot bin emptying mechanism makes disposal more hygienic.


  • High price point.
  • Heavier than some other models.

3. Best Budget-Friendly: Kenmore BU3040

Experience cleaning redefined with the Kenmore BU3040 Intuition Lite. This bagged upright vacuum combines Kenmore’s trusted legacy with innovative features tailored for today’s homes. Its lightweight design ensures easy maneuverability across various surfaces, from plush carpets to laminate floors.

The bagged system of this budget-friendly offers hygienic dust and dirt disposal, minimizing direct contact with allergens and airborne particles. The vacuum ensures consistent suction power and reduces the need for frequent maintenance, making your cleaning sessions efficient and hassle-free.

Multiple attachments and onboard tools guarantee a versatile cleaning experience, allowing you to reach every nook and cranny, from high drapery to tight corners. The HEPA filtration system ensures the air in your home remains fresh, capturing and containing up to 99.97% of dust particles and allergens.


  • Lightweight structure allows for easy maneuverability.
  • Bagged system captures and locks in dust and allergens.
  • Multi-surface design is effective on carpets and laminate floors.
  • Powerful suction ensures deep cleaning.
  • Swivel steering for navigating around furniture and obstacles.


  • Changing bags adds an ongoing cost.
  • Might not be as versatile as some cordless or robot options.

4. Best Robot Vacuum For Laminate Floors: BoostIQ RoboVac 15C MAX

Introducing the eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 15C MAX by Anker – the epitome of smart cleaning. This ultra-slim robot vacuum doesn’t just clean; it intelligently navigates and optimizes its cleaning routine with BoostIQ technology. Connect it to Wi-Fi and control your RoboVac from anywhere using your smartphone, ensuring a clean home awaits you every time.

The RoboVac 15C MAX is underpinned by its powerful suction capabilities. While laminate floors may appear easy to clean, they often harbor fine dust and debris that can be tough to remove. This is where the it shines; its enhanced suction effortlessly lifts and removes even the minutest particles, ensuring a thorough clean every time. This feature intelligently increases suction power when needed, ensuring optimal cleaning without manual intervention.

Despite its slim design, it packs a powerful punch with its superior suction capabilities. Quiet operations ensure cleaning without the disturbance, while the self-charging feature guarantees it’s always ready to go. Specially designed to handle laminated floors with precision, it leaves no trace behind, offering a spotless and gleaming floor.


  • Robotic operation provides hands-free cleaning.
  • BoostIQ technology auto-adjusts suction power within 1.5 seconds when extra strength is needed.
  • Ultra-slim design navigates below furniture with ease.
  • Quiet operation ensures minimal disturbance.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for scheduling and real-time tracking via a smartphone.


  • Limited dustbin capacity compared to larger models.
  • Might struggle with larger debris or obstacles.

5. Multipurpose: Shark WD101 HydroVac XL

Elevate your cleaning game with the Shark WD101 HydroVac XL. This dynamic cleaner boasts 3-in-1 functionality, letting you vacuum, mop, and self-clean with a single device. Its standout antimicrobial brushroll ensures superior hygiene by actively inhibiting bacterial growth, promoting a healthier home.

The included premium mopping solution tackles tough stains, ensuring they always look their best. The self-cleaning feature washes the brushroll after each use, removing the need for tedious post-cleaning maintenance.

While it performs well on various surfaces, the Shark WD101 truly excels on laminate floors, leaving them spotless and gleaming. Experience efficient and comprehensive cleaning with it.


  • Ability to multitask
  • Self-cleaning technology performance.
  • Antimicrobial brushroll
  • Dedicated mode for laminate floors
  • Touch-free pad release


  • May be less effective on thicker carpets or rugs.
  • Some users might find switching between modes cumbersome.

6. Lightweight: BISSELL CrossWave

Meet the BISSELL CrossWave, a fusion of innovation and versatility, designed to take floor cleaning to the next level. This Wet-Dry Vacuum is not just any cleaner; it’s a master at handling multiple surfaces, be it floors or area rugs.

With its bonus brush-roll, it effortlessly lifts dirt, debris, and spills. The additional extra filter ensures a cleaner air exhaust, capturing even the minutest particles. Connectivity to both wet and dry modes allows for a swift switch between mopping up spills and vacuuming dirt.

At the heart of the CrossWave’s unmatched performance is its pioneering Two-Tank Technology. This design ensures that clean water mixed with the BISSELL cleaning solution remains separate from the dirty water, delivering a consistently fresh clean every time. The device is also engineered with Smart-Touch Controls located conveniently on the handle. With these controls, switching from a laminate floor setting to an area rug mode becomes effortless, allowing for a customized cleaning experience tailored to the specific needs of each surface.


  • Two-tank system
  • Versatility to clean area rugs with the same efficiency as laminate floors.
  • Smart-touch controls
  • Multi-surface brush roll
  • Bonus items like extra brush-roll and filter add to the overall value.


  • Might be bulkier due to its multifunctional design.
  • Wet mode might not be suitable for all floor types or user preferences.

Quick Comparison:

FeaturesTineco Floor ONE S7 PRODyson V11Kenmore BU3040 Intuition LiteShark WD101 HydroVac XLeufy BoostIQ RoboVac 15C MAXBISSELL CrossWave 1785A
TypeCordless Floor CleanerCordless VacuumUpright Bagged Vacuum3-in-1 Vacuum & MopRobotic VacuumWet-Dry Vacuum
Connectivity/ControlSmart FeaturesCordlessNone SpecifiedNone SpecifiedWi-Fi ConnectivityNone Specified
Main Selling PointSmart Cordless OperationHigh SuctionLightweight Design3-in-1 CleaningUltra-slim, Self-ChargingWet-Dry Functionality
Optimized SurfaceLaminate FloorsVarious SurfacesLaminate Floors & CarpetsLaminated FloorsLaminate Floors to Medium-Pile CarpetsLaminated Flooring
Additional AccessoriesNone SpecifiedNone SpecifiedNone SpecifiedNone SpecifiedNone SpecifiedBonus Brush-Roll & Extra Filter
MaintenanceNot detailedSelf-Emptying FeatureBagged SystemSelf-CleaningAutomated CleaningRequires Manual Intervention
Special MentionNone SpecifiedLCD DisplayNone SpecifiedAntimicrobial BrushrollQuiet OperationCleans Area Rugs too

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Tips for Vacuuming Laminate Floors

Here are the important tips which need to take care of:

1. Vacuuming Without the Brush Roll:

Laminate floors are more susceptible to scratching than some other types of flooring. Regularly using your vacuum without the brush roll ensures that no abrasive action takes place on the surface. By doing this, you not only pick up dirt and debris but also preserve the pristine look of your laminate.

Opt for a vacuum that allows you to easily switch off the brush roll or use a soft brush roll designed for Laminated surfaces.

2. Addressing Spills Promptly:

Laminate floors and moisture are not the best of friends. Water or any liquid can seep into the seams of laminate planks, causing swelling, warping, or even permanent damage. Therefore, it’s essential to wipe up any spills immediately. Using a soft cloth or microfiber mop to blot the spill can help ensure that no moisture remains on the floor.

3. Using Appropriate Cleaners:

While it’s crucial to keep laminate floors clean, it’s equally important to use the right cleaning products. Occasionally, you can use a cleaner specifically designed for laminate floors. These cleaners are formulated to effectively clean without leaving behind residue or causing damage. Avoid using a wet mop as excessive moisture can seep into the laminate and cause it to swell or warp. Instead, use a damp cloth or mop, ensuring that it’s not overly wet.

4. Protecting with Furniture Pads:

Furniture can be a potential hazard for laminate floors. The weight and movement of furniture, especially with sharp or rough legs, can easily scratch or dent the floor’s surface. To counteract this, use protective pads under the legs of furniture. These pads, often made of felt or rubber, act as a cushion between the furniture and the floor, effectively reducing the risk of any damage. Regularly inspect and replace these pads if they wear out or get dirty to ensure continued protection.

Wrap Up

In the quest for the best vacuum tailored for laminate floors, the Tineco Floor ONE S7 PRO consistently stands out. After thorough research and analysis, its unparalleled performance, coupled with user-friendly features, sets it apart. The blend of powerful suction and design specificity ensures your laminate remains pristine and gleaming. Happy Shopping!


Q3: What’s the difference between bagged and bagless vacuums for laminate floors?

Q1: Can I use a vacuum with a beater bar on laminate floors?

A: It’s preferable to use a vacuum where you can disable the beater bar or one that doesn’t have a beater bar at all. A spinning beater bar can potentially scratch or damage laminate surfaces.

Q2: Are cordless vacuums effective for laminate flooring?

A: Yes, cordless vacuums can be very effective, especially for quick clean-ups or smaller areas. However, ensure the model you choose has sufficient battery life and power to meet your needs.

Q3: What’s the difference between bagged and bagless vacuums for laminate floors?

A: Bagged vacuums contain dirt and debris in a replaceable bag, which can be more hygienic. Bagless models, on the other hand, are eco-friendly and can save costs over time but ensure they have an easy-to-empty and clean bin.

Q4: How important is weight and maneuverability for a laminate floor vacuum?

A: A lighter, maneuverable vacuum is preferable for laminate floors. It reduces the risk of scratching and makes it easier to navigate around furniture and tight spaces.

Q5: Do I need a vacuum with a HEPA filter for laminate floors?

A: While it’s not a strict requirement for the floor itself, a HEPA filter can be beneficial for those with allergies or sensitivities. It captures fine dust particles and allergens more effectively.

Q6: Is suction adjustability crucial for laminate vacuums?

A: Yes, adjustable suction is beneficial. Laminate doesn’t need the same high suction level as carpets, and being able to adjust it prevents excessive force that might push dirt around or damage the floor.

Q7: Can I use a robot vacuum for laminate floors?

A: Absolutely. Many robot vacuums are designed to handle hard surfaces like laminate efficiently. Just ensure it has the appropriate sensors and settings to care for laminate surfaces gently.